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TikTok Algorithm Hack: How To Make Your Video Trend On TikTok

TikTok Algorithm Hack: How To Make Your Video Trend On TikTok

While video making and trending has a lot to do with content, understanding how algorithms work can make your video go viral. Thus, in this article, you will get to understand the TikTok algorithm and get your videos to trend.

User Interaction

TikTok has made it public that its algorithm prioritises how users interact with content. Thus, if a user interacts more with an account or a specific category of videos, the algorithm makes them see it more often.


Also, this defines another important area which is video completion. If more users watch your videos to the end, TikTok will be ranking it higher. It may also even make it to several users’ For You page.


The hack here is simple; if you want your videos to trend on TikTok, make them shorter and more engaging. Thus, you should make videos that the most interesting part or ‘big reveal’ is at its end. But, you also have to make sure that it has them hooked from the start.


This way, there is a chance that more people will complete your videos. If not, if people keep scrolling past your videos, TikTok will rank it low. You don’t even need a large audience base for your videos to trend on the platform.


It is also important that people like, share, and comment on your videos. You can improve this by interacting with other users’ contents as well.

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Video caption, hashtags and sound

This is another TikTok algorithm hack, it suggests videos that have the same kind of information as the ones users regularly watch. So, for example, if users watch lots of videos about babies or a particular dance challenge, they start to see it more frequently.


The same thing as to do with hashtags and captions. But since TikTok has a short caption limit (140 characters), you need to be as economical as possible when writing captions.


Also, you should use the correct trending hashtag and try a variant of it as some people may be searching the incorrect one. For example, if you are doing a video for ‘vogue challenge’, you can try using the correct one #voguechallenge and another one like #thevoguechallenge.


The hacks here, in summary, are if you want your video to trend on TikTok: use trending sounds or songs, correct hashtags, and catchy captions.

Location and device setting

TikTok algorithm also takes into consideration a person’s location, language preference and device type. It will likely show people more videos created by users near them than videos from other parts of the world. Although, the platform gives every user a global reach.


Also, if you have a target audience, you should post when they are likely to be active or online on the platform. You can get a Pro TikTok Account for free to have more information about your audience.


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