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TikTok adds new features to reduce usage duration

TikTok is adding new features to help users reduce the amount of time they spend on the platform. The fact that the short video sharing site is willing to do this is an indication that we are likely overusing it.

In an announcement, TikTok says that it is aiming to encourage users to develop more positive online habits. To do so, users will get two time control tools that tells them to take a break after spending a certain amount of screen time.

The first feature is a screen time dashboard that helps see how long you are spending on TikTok.

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TikTok adds new digital wellbeing features to reduce usage duration
TikTok adds new digital wellbeing features to reduce usage duration.

It will include summaries of daily time spent, number of times you opened the app, and a breakdown of daytime and nighttime use. You can also choose to get weekly notifications to review your dashboard.

The company also published a new guide on how you can reflect on your digital health in its Safety Center section. Titled “How can I reflect on my digital well-being with my family and friends?,” the guide does not pertain only to TikTok but general internet use and encourages users to set boundaries for themselves.

The second feature that TikTok is rolling out is focused on younger users of the platform. For those aged between 13 and 17, they will get weekly digital well-being prompts. It will appear when next they open the app if they have used the app for more than 100 minutes in one day.

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