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Throwback Thursday: When Aki And PawPaw Brought Magic To Nollywood

Nollywood actors Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze were two people who made childhood fun.

These actors known as Aki and Pawpaw starred in several roles in Nollywood.

These movies were usually comic films where they took mischievous roles, causing trouble in the village.

Throwback Thursday To When Aki and PawPaw Brought Magic To Nollywood

About Chinedu Ikedieze

Chinedu Ikedieze is a Nollywood actor and comedian, known for playing the role of Aki in the movie Aki na Ukwa.
This actor is now 40 years old and was born on 12 December 1977 in Bende, Abia, Nigeria.

He studied Mass Communication at the Institute of Management & Technology in Enugu State. He did not give up acting and joined the theatre group to take an active part in the group’s activities.

His acting career started in 1998 when he starred in a film “Evil Men” playing a minor role. His great breakthrough was a role of the mischievous child Aki alongside Osita Iheme, who played Pawpaw, in the “Aki na Ukwa” film.

He has featured in over than 100 films. These include “Okwu na uka”, “The Tom and Jerry”, “Lagos Boys”, “Akpu-Nku”, “Aki na ukwa”, “Igbo Made”, “Kadura”, “Jadon”, and “Cain & Abel”.

In 2007 he received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Africa Movie Awards. Moreover, in 2011 he got honoured as a Member Order of the Federal Republic by the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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About Osita Iheme aka PawPaw

Osita Iheme is a famous Nollywood actor, known for playing the role of ‘Pawpaw’ in the film “Aki na Ukwa”

He is now 36 years old and was born on 20 February 1982 in Abia State.

Osita studied Mass Communication at Enugu State University, kicking off his career playing children roles

In 2003. he became famous after playing ‘Pawpaw,’ a mischievous child in the comedy film  “Aki na Ukwa”.

He was given the role of a child many times in his films, as well as more mature and dramatic roles later.

Osita Iheme has featured in many movies including “Tom and Jerry”, “Jadon”, “Reggae Boys”, and “Big Daddies”. Also, “Mr.Ibu”, “Aki na ukwa”, “Oke Belgium”, “Aka Gum”, “Okwu na uka”, and others.

You can check  YouTube to see old videos of these Nollywood icons who made home video enjoyable to watch, no to forget the laughter was out of this world.

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