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Three Ways To Troubleshoot Your Broadband Internet Connection

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There are few things more frustrating than having an internet connection that you cannot access. Timed-out connections, a little red ‘X’ or an “Address Not Found” message in your web browser can be quite irksome. Fixing the problem is, however, not the easiest thing because anything could have gone wrong. The first step would be to detect what the problems are.


Here are three ways to deal with the problem so that you can get back to surfing the net.


1. Check the wires


The easiest troubleshooting step is to ensure that all cables and LAN connections are properly plugged in. In a few minutes, you can check if all the wiring connections are in place. If it’s not a cable connection, check with the Wi-Fi device to make sure that it is properly plugged in. Make sure that the correct cables are in the right places.


2. Power cycling

This is also a very easy task. You only need to turn off your modem, count to ten and then turn it back on. This cuts across all internet types, be it Cable, DSL or satellite. You can also take the internet cable off the plug, wait for 30 seconds and then plug it again. Once the modem cycles through the boot-up sequence, the connection will work again.


Another thing to do would be to turn off all the devices on the network and then turn them back on after a few seconds. That is the computer, modem, router, access point and hub. Switch on the modem first, then the router or hub and then the computer. Wait for the systems to boot properly after doing this.


3. Wireless router outage

There might be some configurations and security problems. You can go to your Network and Internet settings to do a reset. With this, you will need to restart your computer and reinsert the internet password.


You can use the wireless point or router’s manual to help you work through the issues. You might also need to call your internet service provider for assistance.

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