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Three Ways To Stop Your Phone From Spying On You

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It is no news that our devices might be spying on us without our knowledge, from our phones to our computers and even our TV. A lot of times, the intentions are good. Your iPhone probably records your location to help with navigating you to and from work.

Sometimes, the reasons for spying on you might not be to your advantage at all. In fact, most of the time, it is to strategically project products and services your way: another marketing gimmick to rip you of some of your hard-earned money.

Here are six tips to stop your phone from spying on you:

1. Turn off location services

If you use a smartphone, your phone probably knows way too much about you from your browsing history, the numbers you call, the places you take photos and even your maps. If you use an iPhone, you can manage the information your phone stores this way.

If you use an android phone go to your settings and look for “location” to turn it off. This might hamper the accuracy of your maps and online cab app services, so you might want to turn it off consciously when you are done using it.

2. Delete Bolt and Uber

These applications work by monitoring your movement; they take you from your location to your destination. Sometimes it even determines your home and works address from the places you visit often. Your ride history from when the app was installed is recorded and used to maximise the services rendered by the app.

3. Log out of Facebook when not in use

You probably leave a trail everywhere while you’re on Facebook, by liking photos, making comments and posting personal information like a new job or relationship. Your activities on Facebook extend beyond the app itself. Your personal data is another way you get targeted by unwanted products and services. A good way to leave less trail behind is by logging out of the site or app when you are done. It will at least prevent it from being able to track you all day.

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