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Unknown callers

Three Ways To Block Private Callers From Your iPhone

In case you are dealing with a load of unwanted calls from networks and private numbers, this will help. A lot of prank callers take advantage of the ability to hide their numbers to stalk people’s phones. Sometimes, it could even be telemarketers or your network provider. This is why learning how to block private callers from your phone is important.


Unlike Android devices, Apple phones usually do not make it very easy to block Unknown or Private calls. However, there are three ways to make it possible.


Block specific private callers


There is a Block this Caller option built into the call log of the iPhone app. To block a number, follow the steps below.

  • Tap the phone icon on your home screen to begin.
  • Then tap the Recents icon to see the calls that have come into the phone and the ones you’ve made too.
  • Now tap the info icon on the column at the right of the screen beside the number or caller ID icon.
  • Then tap, Block this caller at the bottom of the screen.
  • You can now click Block Contact to confirm.


This will cause your phone to block any further calls from the caller. You can decide to do this for multiple numbers on the contact list.


Use “Do Not Disturb” mode

Do Not Disturb


You can set your iPhone to Do Not Disturb Mode to disallow calls from numbers not in your contact list. All other unknown calls will probably go to voicemail if you have a voicemail set. This comes with a bit of a disadvantage because it means you will miss all the calls from numbers not saved onto your phone.


You may not want to do this if you are waiting for a job call or an important call from someone most likely not on your contact list. You may want to set a voicemail if this is the case so that you do not miss these important calls.


  • To do this go to the Settings app and tap Do Not Disturb.
  • Then go to Allow Calls From, you may now select All Contacts.
  • After doing this you will need to enable the Do Not Disturb mode on the Control Centre of your phone. This way, it is only the calls of people on your contact list that will ring through your phone.


Third-party apps


You can also use third-party apps on your iPhone to reduce the influx of spam calls. Apps like Hiya, Mr Number, Nomorobo and Truecaller are a few ones that can help you control the calls you receive. They are also free to download on the iOS play store.


Keep in mind though that these apps will gain access to all your contacts. If you are okay with this, here is how to activate it.

  • Go to the Settings app on your iPhone, then tap Phone and then Call Blocking & Identification.
  • You can now tap the switch next to the specific call blocking app you have downloaded to activate the setting.
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