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Three Tips On How To Stay Safe On Instagram

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Social media can be a scary place, and being safe is always better than being sorry. Instagram is a lot of fun. It is a video and photo-sharing app where you document all your best times. You celebrate your friends and family by uploading their photos on special days. You can also stay connected with likes and comments.

Here are a few ways to keep yourself safe. These instructions will come in handy for mobile users.

1. Go private

Going private on your Instagram account is a good way to keep your life away from lurking eyes. If you are not a public figure, you probably don’t need people snooping in your private space. That way, only select people you follow can access your posts. You also have the option of accepting or declining follow requests. You can rest assured you know who is viewing your posts.

To do this, go to your profile, swipe to the left and tap the Settings icon. Go to “Privacy and Security,” then “Account Privacy.” Then toggle “Private Account” on.

2. Block specific followers

If you have a bugging, stalking, annoying follower, or if there is a specific person you don’t want to have access to your social media anymore, you can block them. They won’t know that you have blocked them. You can also hide your Instastories from certain people. Just click on the hide icon after posting an image or a video. They will not be able to view your stories for as long as its there.

To block specific followers, tap your followers on your profile page and search for them. You can also do that in the search space on top and click on their profile. Then, click the dots under their name and select block.

3. Turn on two-factor authentication

This is particularly useful to prevent hackers from gaining access to your account. Your Instagram account getting tampered is usually not pretty. To prevent, this turn on two-factor authentication.

This means you will get a text message with an authentication code every time you log in to Instagram on a new device. You’ll then have to type in the code to log into your account.

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