This TCL Fold ‘n Roll Concept Smartphone Turns Into A 10-inch Tab

This TCL Fold ‘n Roll Concept Smartphone Turns Into A 10-inch Tab

TCL is teasing another foldable phone concept called Fold ‘n Roll. The concept combines TCL’s “dragonhinge” technology with an extendable display panel, resulting in a 6.87-inch phone that can expand to an 8.85-inch phablet or fully extend to a 10-inch tablet.


TCL isn’t offering any other detailed information on the new Fold ‘n Roll concept. According to the company, it’s “still exploring the technical specifications” of this type of device.


TCL Fold 'n Roll
The TCL Fold ‘n Roll concept smartphone.


This might mean that the device is still some way off market shelves. TCL, however, mentioned its plans to launch a foldable phone before the end of 2021. The company recently at the virtual CES 2021 showed off varying foldable phone concepts. However, a lot of companies often show off concepts at events with none of these concepts making it to the market.

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However, in theory, if TCL can produce cheaper rollable smartphones than what is obtainable in the market, they just might be able to gain a huge foothold in that market. At the moment, rollable and foldable phones are mostly high-end.


Samsung has been looking at providing a cheaper flexible device coming soon, but, at the moment, its current Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold 2 options are still very high-end.


There’s a huge chance that we will get more technical details as TCL begins to get closer to releasing the phone into the markets but for now, all we have is a concept, an idea.



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