You are currently viewing This Ronke Raji’s Maternity Shoot Will Guaranteed Give You Baby Fever

This Ronke Raji’s Maternity Shoot Will Guaranteed Give You Baby Fever

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If there’s anyone who can wear look good in just about anything then it’s YouTuber and influencer Ronke Raji.


The yummy mum is pregnant with her second baby but it does look like she’s slowing down a minute.


Like her first pregnancy, Ronke Raji only knows how to put a fashionable foot forward. And with sparkling facebeat to go with too.

ronke raji
Ronke Raji steady stepping on necks with her baby bump in tow

She recently did a pregnancy photoshoot with her photographer husband Arthur Adeola and together, they served pregnancy photoshoot goals for days.


Ronke was styled in a crochet top showing off her beautiful bump. She accompanied it with free-flowing slacks of the same color and matching fur jacket and a scarf to go with. A droopy neck-choker, matching rings, earrings, bracelets and her faux-mohawk finished off the iconic look


Her husband complimented her look with an off-white shirt and beige pants to go with and a brown hat to compliment his wife’s fro. A stylish couple, all day, every day.


She wrote while the photos came out smoking hot, she almost didn’t get out of bed to have the shoot; something all pregnant women can relate to.


She said

“This photo was actually supposed to go up the day after the first set of my maternity photos but guess what? I was lazy, and the more pregnant I get the more tired I am especially during this quarantine. So when I’m not up to doing something I don’t force myself. However, even if you aren’t pregnant I have a couple of things to tell you:

1. It’s okay not to be productive at this time, people move so fast that they don’t realize sometimes a forced break is what is needed. Things can wait.
2. I hope you are taking a shower at least once a week just for hygiene or at least once every two weeks? lol
3. Loaf. Sit on the couch and do nothing. Eat, watch something you’ve always wanted to watch. Laugh you know?
4. If you are looking for things to do join tiktok, watch money heist or just sit outside and enjoy the weather.
5. We are going to be okay. 🌱”

ronke raji

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In another of the phot’os, she talked about how her husband has supported her all the way.

Her note read

Perfection is non-existent but what does exist is being human. I’ve learnt so much and grown so much just by having a partner like @bysirarthur People talk a lot about how behind every successful man there’s a woman but I owe most of who I’ve become to my man. He’s taught me more than I can even fathom and made me believe that soulmates actually exist. Having Amari and now our second little one he has kept me strong through the process. Never once making me feel as though I was alone, I’m extremely blessed and truthfully grateful. I’m also very happy to have brought you guys on our journey from two years ago till now

ronke raji

She also graced us with a beautiful TikTok video of her swapping some trendy outfits in quick succession and it beautiful to behold.

See video below

Photo credit: Instagram/@ronkeraji

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