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This Is What A Healthy V*gina Should Look Like

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Women, in general, can be very critical about their v*gina and how they feel it should look. Is it perfect? Is it normal? Should it be this size? Is my v*gina too bumpy or too dark? Why does my inner right lip look bigger than the left one? All of these dilemmas are an offset from the pressure to attain perfection.


It is rooted from watching models and p*rn stars shove their v*ginas in your face. The public then considers them to be the perfect model of what a v*gina should look like. This causes women to p*rnify and hypers*xualise themselves.


It then begs certain perspectives about themselves, like “My v*gina is abnormally large or small.” Whereas, in reality, there is no perfect v*gina. This is a myth as much as saying an egg can increase your cholesterol level is a myth. It doesn’t matter if yours is wrinkly, smooth, flappy or bumpy; it’s normal.


What is a V*gina?

Dear men, sit down for this because you’re about to get schooled!


Truth is, most men know more about the v*gina than women do – shhh, no disclosure on how. Generally, a v*gina is a term often used to refer to both the internal v*gina and the vulva. The vulva is the set of external genitals that includes the clitoris and the labia.


In general, colloquially, the v*gina includes the outer labia majora (lips), inner labia minora, the clitoris (clit), clitoral hood, opening to the urethra, and opening to the v*gina.




Meanwhile, the labia (or lips) are what most females have a problem with. They may worry that their lips are too fat or too small. Whereas the truth is that no matter who you try to compare your lips to, there is no perfect example. The v*gina varies from person to person and is just as different as your thumbprint is different.


The shape, size and overall appearance of the v*gina is one of the biggest causes for worry in women. Sometimes, relationships end because of the fear of having s*x or because of what the partner thinks of their s*x organs. It could cause insecurities, body shaming and then depression.


What a perfect v*gina should look like



The only thing that should make your s*xual organ be termed perfect is the health status and your confidence level. Otherwise, you are on a long trip to living in insecurities.


When your v*gina is healthy, then it’s perfect. In order to ascertain if you are on the right health status, you should look out for certain symptoms that show your v*gina is not in the right condition. Usually, the body gives away these signs but just in case you aren’t certain, look out for these:

  • Pain in your v*gina: This is an obvious sign that you need to visit a gynaecologist. It could be a focal pain or one you experience during intercourse. It could be a sign that you have either labial or viral infection. If you feel pain, go to the nearest doctor for consultation.
  • Itchiness: When you have to itch more than usual, then your v*gina might be infected.
  • Swelling: Usually, some people have natural fuller lips, but if your v*gina swells more than usual, then it could be a sign of something more. The labia could swell up after s*xual intercourse as a sign you’re still aroused. It could also be puffy because of hormonal imbalance caused by pregnancy or bre*stfeeding, changes in diet, stress, environmental change and exercise. A change in lifestyle should be done but if the swelling still persists then see a doctor.
  • Discharge: The v*gina naturally cleans itself inside-out through the discharge. However, when it gets funky then you should be worried. This can be identified easily through the colour and odour. If you get a green or yellow discharge that may or may not be thicker than usual, then it’s abnormal. See a doctor immediately. Although your discharge gets thicker before you ovulate, the colour and smell can help you tell the difference. (Note: You should still maintain good hygiene in keeping your v*gina healthy. Use mild soap and water to wash often.)



What’s perfect?

The labia could be thick or thin, dark or light, equal or unequal, wrinkle or no wrinkle. A normal labia is when the labia majora is bigger than the labia minora irrespective of the, shape, size or how asymmetric they are. While the clitoris could be long, short or hidden. As long as its in good health and it doesn’t affect s*x then you’re good. Own your v*gina with a confidence boost and enjoy your org*sm like you should. As long as your v*gina feels like it’s A-Okay, then so are you.

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