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This Is How You Can Install The Public iOS 14 Beta On Your Device

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Weeks after announcing iOS 14 and making the developers beta available, Apple has released a public beta for testing. This means that with an Apple device, you can get a foretaste of the OS.


The idea is to allow people to install an early version of the OS on their iPhones or tablets and with their feedback, Apple can improve the overall experience before the full release of the OS later in 2020.


You too can install the public beta of iOS and iPadOS 14, however, there are warnings. Apple advises you to install the beta on a backup device. The OS is still under testing and it could be full of bugs, meaning that you could lose all your data in the event of a crash. The beta could also drain your battery life and even cause frequent restarts as well.


It is also worth noting that Apple usually updates the OS in a two-week update schedule during the beta period. This could mean that with each update, there could be changes or even new bugs.

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How to install the iOS 14 public beta:

The first step is to backup your data:

This is so that if you foray into testing the public beta and thing don’t turn as you expect, you can go back to iOS 13. However, to go back to iOS 13 you’ll need to do a factory reset, so you need to protect your data beforehand. Also any iCloud backups you create using the iOS 14 beta cannot be used on a device running iOS 13.

Make sure your device is supported

Apple made the iOS 14 compatible with all the devices that have iOS 13, and so they can have the beta too. To double-check if your device supports it, click here.


— Visit Apple’s Beta Software Program website on the device you plan to download the beta on.

— Select Sign up or sign in if you are a member.

— Sign in with your Apple ID and agree to the beta program terms.

— Select iOS or iPadOS from the list of available programs.

—  Select Download Profile and follow the prompts. You’ll be guided through installing a beta profile. Then you’ll need to approve the profile in Settings after downloading it on your device. Then, restart your device when asked.

— After the beta profile installation, use the same update for OS updates. Go to Settings > General > Software Update to download and install the beta.


While installing the beta, it is best to leave your iPhone or iPad connected to its charger and also have a strong Wi-Fi connection.


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