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This Huawei Noise Cancellation Earphone, FreeLace Pro, Is Your All-Purpose Hearing Gadget

Huawei announced a new gadget, a noise cancellation earphone named FreeLace Pro. You can see all the important details about the Huawei FreeLace Pro here.


The earphone comes in three colours; Spruce Green, Graphite Black and Dawn White. It is designed to hang on the neck like a necklace (likely where the inspiration for the name ‘FreeLace’ came from). Its most important feature is the noise cancellation capability. The Huawei FreeLace Pro comes with two highly sensitive microphones to achieve the noise cancellation feat.


It says, “Two highly sensitive microphones work together to achieve noise cancellation in and out. The large dynamic drivers generate stronger and deeper anti-noise sound, creating a pure, immersive world filled with the sound you love.”

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Also, since it is important to be aware of surrounding sounds, the earphone has a touch and hold button that can switch on and off the noise cancellation. It uses a Deep Neural Networks (DNN) algorithm that can accurately identify human voice features. Thus, making calls clearer and steadier, even in noisy environments.


Huawei Reveals Noise Cancellation Earphones, FreeLace Pro, See Details
Photo: Huawei.


Additionally, Huawei FreeLace Pro packs a 150mAh battery that gives it 24 hours playback on a single charge with the noise cancellation mechanism turned off. However, when turned on, the earphone can still last up to 16 hours. It is also impressive that it can charge full within one hour.


Its Bluetooth 5.0 allows it connect easily to smartphones and tablets. It has sensor controls that are magnetic and physical button controls as well as a touch button. Huawei has not revealed when the earphones will be in the markets and has not mentioned pricing for the product as well.


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