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This Apple Watch Patent Will Scan Veins To Detect Non-Touch Gestures

A newly-released patent indicates that Apple has plans to scan the veins of Apple Watch wearers to detect non-touch gestures in the near future. The patent was originally filed in August 2019 and was only recently spotted by Apple Insider.


The patent which was granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office on 30th June 2020 is titled “Vein scanning device for automatic gesture and finger recognition”. Apple proposes using the veins within a user’s wrist to determine what actions the hand is signaling.


The patent describes a scenario in which a wearable device with one or more sensors can “capture one or more images of the user’s hand”. Then the device can use those images to know the positions of the veins in the user’s hand. Using the “vein poses”, it can then theoretically interpret gestures or finger positions “as one or more input commands”.

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Then if the device is sure that is receiving a command via the gestures, the device can “perform an operation based on the input command(s)”.


Apple Non-touch gestures patent
Images of the Apple Non-touch gestures patent.


Michael R. Brennan is the only person with the credit of ‘inventor’ on the patent. Before now, he had also been on an Apple patent application for a “System for iteratively training an artificial intelligence using cloud-based metrics.”


Perhaps, the patent will allow Apple to develop a device that could be useful given the current global pandemic. Again, a patent doesn’t guarantee anything. Apple files dozens of patents weekly and most never make it to development.


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