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The Thinx MENstruation Ad: Is The Outrage Valid?

The internet has been raging over an ad by a brand named Thinx that simulates a world where men get periods too. The Thinx MENstruation ad tries to normalise periods by imagining a world where men also had menstrual cycles; while also advertising period-proof underwear.


The national ad campaign features cisgender men in different-yet-normal everyday situations that women face during that time of the month.


It starts with a young boy telling his dad that he got his period for the first time. Then, we see a man lying in bed and rolling over to find a bloodstain on the sheet. Later, another man walks through a locker room with a tampon string hanging out from under his briefs.


thinx menstruation ad controversy
Photo: YouTube


All through the ad, we see men move through average situations like women do, treating periods as they should be treated: natural and normal. Many fem-positive sites like Shape and Popsugar gave positive reviews of the ad, calling it “revolutionary”.


And then the floodgates of outrage opened…


But like the Gillette ad, the Thinx MENstruation ad did not sit well with a lot of people, particularly men. The controversy around the ad stems from the belief that “extreme feminists” are trying to erase masculinity.


Many have described the ad as reverse s*xism or highly offensive. It has even been banned by CBS.


While it is undeniable that it is quite an uncomfortable thing to see, there is a lot we have to ask ourselves. For example, why is it so uncomfortable to ascribe the experiences of one gender to another. In fact, why did they need to make the ad in the first place?


thinx menstruation ad controversy
Photo: YouTube


The idea behind the Thinx ad was a simple word: empathy. Thinx sought to invoke some sort of empathy in men for the experiences from which they are so far removed. Empathy is something that happens mentally. It usually happens within the minds of people.


But when a certain gender has a reputation of being unfair and inconsiderate, empathy often needs to be acted out for them. However, even in the most tasteful and understanding format, empathy is not an option for them.


If the outrage over the ad proves anything, it is that men are very sensitive concerning literally everything and do not take kindly to being called out of their behaviour in any form. It also shows the disdain men have for the feminine.


But then again, that is just my opinion. It is up to you to watch the video and form yours.


Here it is below:


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