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Things You Should Be Doing To Keep Your Life On Track Always

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There are so many things happening in your life in 24 hours that make time seem too short. With such numerous goals, it takes more than ‘winging it’ to get things done. You need to be intentional about what you do if you want to see results. Also, you need to remain open-minded about the mistakes that may come.


Little mistakes can lead to bigger ones if not corrected. There is a lot that needs to be achieved in a short space of time. This is common knowledge. However, in the course to get things done fast, you shouldn’t neglect to do them well. You should take control of your time, and not the other way around.



Take time out to reanalyse what you’ve accomplished and what’s left to be done, then you can re-strategise. At the very end, you don’t want to look back and see that you did not live your life but merely existed.


There are several things people fail to do that leave them off the track of life. They lead disorganised lives that would either leave them stuck in a certain phase in their lives or on the wrong path. If either of these is where you are at right now, then you can get yourself back on track.


Achieve this by following five easy steps to getting back on track and staying there. These five basic steps are what you tend to easily forget because of the ‘busy life’ you might lead. Therefore, be careful to stick to them and develop a habit of not practising them.


Not sure if your life is on track or not? Then answer the following questions.

  • How are you piloting your life?
  • Where is your destination?
  • When are you going to get there?
  • Are you currently veering off course?
  • How long have you been off course?


Three things you should be doing to keep your life on track always



1. Leading an organised life

We can’t stress enough how vital it is to lead an organised life. Doing otherwise can impede your progress in life. Everything in life requires energy and, when you carry too much physical and emotional energy, it can drag you down. Therefore, you need to find a way to sort out the most exclusively important activities like health, well-being, learning, relationships, travel and goals, and do them.


Don’t think about what’s urgent like checking emails. Rather, reorganise your way of thinking about life and things in order to lead a more organised life. This would help you get rid of excess baggage and energy, making life seem lighter and easier to live. Organisation is key, so be the pioneer of your own life by making the decision of what should be considered as vital.


Here are Benjamin Hardy’s five types of energy you should begin to assess and prioritise to lead a more organised life.

Environmental Energy

  • Is your living space cluttered or messy?
  • Do you keep stuff like shoes, clothes and other items you no longer use?
  • If you have a car, is it clean or cluttered?
  • Does your environment affect the emotions you consistently want to express and experience?
  • Does your environment drain or improve your energy?

Financial Energy

  • Is unnecessary debt bringing you down?
  • Do you know how much money you earn and spend each month?
  • Are you earning as much money as you’d like?
  • What’s holding you back from adding more value to your customer’s experience?

Relational Energy

  • Are your relationships meaningful and enjoyable?
  • Do you spend enough time nurturing the most important relationships?
  • Do you maintain toxic relationships that negatively impact your well-being?
  • Are you authentic in your relationships?

Health Energy

  • Are you conscious of (and in control of) the foods you put in your body?
  • Do the foods you consume improve or negatively affect other areas of your life?
  • Is your body as strong as you want it to be?
  • Are you healthier now than you were three months ago?

Spiritual Energy

  • Do you have a sense of purpose in your life?
  • Do you know “why” you do what you do?
  • How much power do you have in designing your future?


2. Stop what you’re doing and organise your life


Sometimes, it seems like we have taken too much than we can handle. In such a situation, going through this can make it seem like you’re only adding more ‘stuff’ to the to-do-list. Whereas, in reality, all you really have to do is to chuck out all the excesses and then leave room for what’s important.


This is a situation of ‘out with the old’ and ‘in with the new’. To get more organised, you have to declutter and possibly hold a garage sale for all the unwanted items in your life. Literally, get rid of that bad behaviour. You should stop what’s holding you back from achieving that goal now.


Ask yourself these questions to know what you spend most of your time doing.

  • How much of my time am I really in complete control of?
  • Am I wasting time on things I don’t really enjoy?
  • Which activities are helping me progress (or distracting me from progressing) toward my goals?
  • What should I start (or stop) doing?
  • What would my ideal day look like?
  • Are there activities I can delegate, outsource or automate to free up more of my time?


Here’s a take-home point: Detach yourself from needing more, and make do with what you have. Then you can sort out what you don’t need and get rid of it. Finally, sort out what you’re left with and prioritise. Letting go of momentary gratification is a way of investing in your future. This is because your more organised life becomes aligned with a more ideal goal.


3. Make each day count


Hardy notes that once you get organised, make a plan and start tracking your time, desired change happens very quickly. Therefore, you need to ensure you do this every single day. Develop a habit of being more intentional about what you do and doing it right. Don’t procrastinate and put off what can be done right now till tomorrow.


As Harold Hill has said, “You pile up enough tomorrows, and you’ll find you are left with nothing but a lot of empty yesterdays.”

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