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Avoid These If You Want to Look Classy

Being classy means having an air of exuberance around you. It involves looking, sounding, and generally being of a higher quality than regular people. And while there are a lot of things you can learn, do, and buy to achieve that classy status, there are a few things you should avoid at all costs!
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1. Buying “designer” products


If you’re trying to look classy, one thing you should definitely avoid is fake designer products. It is a lot better to have a nice brandless bag than one that says “GUGGI”. Avoid buying misspelled knock-offs, they make you look cheap and styleless.

2. Neglecting your hair, skin, and nails

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Nothing looks less classy than thin scanty hair with dull colour and unlaid edges. It is better to have good braids on than cheap shiny weave. Don’t let your nail polish get chipped because the paint will draw attention to your bad manicure. It is better to have clear supple skin that is flawlessly made-up than cakey makeup.

3. Buying cheap-looking clothes

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Some materials tend to come off as cheap. Stay away from ripped, frayed, or threadbare materials. Avoid clothes, bags, and shoes with a lot of embellishments, accessories, and prints because when these wear away, the poor quality of the clothes will be exposed. Smoother fabrics with cleaner lines are classier than busy-looking clothes.

4. Wearing ill-fitting clothes

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If your clothes don’t fit right, they’ll look borrowed or cheaper than they actually are. You cannot look classy with a really tight top or a dress with a loose waistline. If you can’t find clothes in your size, make an obioma your best friend.

5. Having bad manners

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There’s nothing less classy than someone who has bad manners. Things you might consider irrelevant like sneezing or coughing without covering your mouth can make you come off as crass. How you carry yourself, talk to people, and behave will determine how classy you are perceived to be. To be classy is to act classy, not only to look it.

Overall, the classiest thing in life is confidence. When you are assured of yourself and your abilities, you exude an energy that people cannot help but admire.

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