These Tricks Will Help You Maximise Your iPhone Battery

These Tricks Will Help You Maximise Your iPhone Battery

Mobile phones are an essential item in today’s world. From keeping in touch with our contacts, the rest of the outside world, and work, we all need our phones. One thing that can be very frustrating is having your phone’s battery (in this case iPhone) run down when you need it.


Back in the days of the Nokia 3310s and the likes, a single charge could take us through an entire week. However, with increasing phone functionality, the charge often suffers.


Firstly, to know if your iPhone battery is operating at optimum capability; go to settings> battery > battery health and check the percentage. A very low percentage will mean you have to change the battery.

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Maximise your iPhone battery with the following tips. Photo: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Here are some ways you could prolong the charge of your iPhone battery:

1. Update your iOS to the latest version. This will help maximise the phone’s processes for optimum battery performance.

2. Turn on low power mode to reduce battery consumption.

3. Slow down on your screen time.

4. Reduce your screen brightness if you have to use your phone and that will reduce battery consumption.

5. Turn off your location services as it uses the battery even when you aren’t touching the phone.

6. Turn off your data.

7. Put your iPhone on airplane mode if it’s battery very low and you still have to use it, without wanting to switch it off.


Do you have other tricks you use? Please share them with us. You can also give feedback on how these tricks helped you!


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