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These Simple Steps Will Help You Shave Your Pubic Hair Without Cuts Or Bumps

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Often times, people wonder at the speed at which Pubic hair grows and do not hesitate to cut them for hygiene sakes. Also, because it can be uncomfortable.


You can remove pubic hair simply by waxing or shaving. Shaving remains the most popular way to remove pubic hair due to its convenience factor.


However, People are afraid to hurt themselves while shaving. Well, there are a few tips and tricks to making the whole ordeal as painless as possible.


To minimize the nasty after-effects of any hair removal technique through shaving, which can include bumps, follow these tips below.

Guide to shaving your pubic hair

Steps To Shave Your Pubic Hair Successful Devoid Of Cuts Or Bumps
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— First, take a shower or bath to loosen up the follicles. Exfoliate with a washcloth or shower sponge. Then use your shaving cream before you shave.

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— Trim down the hedges first. Cut any long hairs with haircutting scissors. It makes the job much easier.


— Using a regular shaving stick is safer than an electric one, as you don’t want to accidentally hurt yourself.


— Whatever you do, use a fresh new blade, as a dull one is dangerous. Trim in the direction of the hair growth if possible to avoid razor bumps.


— To solve the problem of razor bumps, use a cortisone cream. It does work and can be applied as soon as you’re done.


Shaving your pubic hair should not always result in cuts and bumps. Just follow the tips above and be very careful while you are it.


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