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These New Features On Outlook For Android Will Make Scheduling Easier

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Microsoft has unveiled some new features that will be coming to Outlook for Android. The features mostly focus on the app’s online meetings and video calls.


While most of these features on Outlook for Android are improvements on existing features, the others will roll out very soon. Microsoft says the new features in Outlook, combined with Teams, To Do, My Analytics, and other Microsoft 365 apps can help users spend less time preparing for meetings, make scheduling easier and other benefits.


“Online meetings and video-calls have replaced the informal hallway conversations, the office drop-ins, and even some of the social conversations people have. More meetings also mean more time needed to prepare for them and ensure follow-ups happen. Easily finding the files and emails you need for a meeting can help you spend less time preparing for it,” it said in a blog post.


Microsft also announced the new Outlook for Android features in a Tweet.


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Some of the new features include;


— Meeting Insights in Outlook; this was previously available on Outlook for iOS and its web app, however, it is now coming to Outlook for Android.


— More control over meetings; Microsoft is now letting users see messages, meeting details, attendee’s responses, and add an online meeting from the inbox. The feature is new on the Outlook Web App.


— Join online meetings with one tap for third-party apps; The feature is already available for Android, however, it will soon roll out on Outlook for iOS. The feature allows users to join meetings on apps like Zoom and Webex with just one tap.


— Create online meetings by default; The feature is just rolling out to mobile, Outlook Web App, and Windows Outlook client. This gives users the option to select all their meetings to be created online by default via settings.


— Add your personal calendar to work calendar; This was announced in March 2020 but is now rolling out to commercial customers on Outlook Web App. The feature allows users to schedule better as it allows them to see their personal calendar and00 work calendar in a single view.


— Suggested reply with 00send availability for mobile; Outlook users will have the option to send availability when someone suggests meeting with them, its a very easy way to share availability. A similar feature is available in Outlook Web App but it will soon roll out on Outlook Mobile.

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— Schedule when your emails are delivered; This will allow users to compose the emails on the go and have them delivered at a more appropriate time.


— Snooze an email; This will help users have Outlook remind them of a mail when they believe is a more appropriate time to deal with it.


— Create a task directly from an email message in mobile; it helps users to add a task to an email. The tasks are synced and available across Microsoft 365, meaning a task can be created on Outlook for iOS and then managed in Outlook or To Do. The tasks will use the same email subject and attach the original email and a link to the conversation in Outlook.


— Highlight part of an email message and add it as a task; Allows for specificity if the subject of an email is not detailed enough to be created as a task. This means users can know exactly what to do quickly.


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