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These New Contact Lenses Can Zoom At The Blink Of An Eye

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Scientists have just invented contact lenses that zoom when you blink. This sounds like something out of a sci-fi flick, right? It sounds like it could be from the Matrix or Blade or something invented for an Iron Man or James Bond character. However, this is as real as it gets. Some scientists from the University of California, USA made sure it was brought to light.


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Sounds really exciting and maybe somewhat spooky, but it is a welcome innovation. The contact lenses work by generating electrooculographic (EOG) signals when the eyes make certain movements. The lenses will then respond directly to the electric impulses and change focal lengths.


Contact Lenses
Image: Twitter/Gizmodo


When a user blinks twice, the lenses will trigger a pulse that will make the eyepieces zoom in. The biomimetic materials in the lenses are human-made objects that mimic natural materials. Meanwhile, Electrooculography is a method that scientists use to record and observe eye movements.


Zooming contact lenses

These scientists say that this recent innovation can be used in other practical applications. For example, adaptable glasses, prostheses and even in remotely operated robots. The lenses will zoom in as long as the wearer blinks. This is because the lens depends on the electricity created by the movement.


Contact Lens


The technology is actually still in its early stage. The scientists are, however, keen on the project and they believe the project could use some future improvements. This invention, if it ever goes mainstream, would mean that we would be able to zoom into things with our eyes. We would no longer need cameras or binoculars for it.


A team at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland developed a similar device in 2015. Theirs was considerably larger than the regular contact lenses. It also lets objects appear 2.8 times larger. The lens worked by changing the light direction entering the eye through mirrors built into the lenses.

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