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These Money Decisions Will Improve Your Life

It is a common misconception that money can’t buy happiness. While it is idealistically true, the decisions you take concerning money can make or mar your life. Financial planning is very important for securing your future and the futures of your loved ones. Here are the five money decisions that you have to take to improve the quality of your life.



1. Have a budget

Having a steady stream of income means nothing if you don’t make a plan for how to spend money. Making a budget and sticking to it is one of the most important money decisions you will ever make. Money is effervescent. The money you worked long and hard for can disappear in an instant if you don’t budget it.


2. Prioritize wealth-building

You should make wealth-building a priority. Don’t think of it as something to start in the distant future. Building wealth is a slow process and, depending on what you want for your life, you should be intentional about it. Fortunately, wealth-building does not only involve saving money. Money can lose value, so focus on investing in properties and assets.


money decisions better life

Photo: Aleksi Raisa/Unsplash


3. Grow income on your own terms

Your concern for your finances should not cause the quality of your life to dwindle. At the end of the day, if your money decisions make you miserable, it is wrong for you. Don’t stay in a toxic environment or be bullied into a business you don’t like because of money. Wealth can come from a variety of places.


4. Get insured

It is a popular saying that the middle class Nigerian is just one serious illness away from poverty. This will not be the situation if you get insured. Make money decisions that will protect you and your family. Take out health insurance, car insurance, home insurance, life insurance or whatever else it takes so that an unfortunate event will not destroy your years of hard work.


money decisions

Photo: Punch


5. Balance present and future

As the saying goes, this life is one. In your quest to create a better future, do not neglect the present. Don’t be cruel to yourself because you need to save money. Find ways to take care of yourself and enjoy your life. Don’t deny yourself simple pleasures so you don’t look back on your life with regret. Balance YOLO and tomorrow, and you will be better off for it.


That’s it for our list. Feel free to contribute in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this with whoever you think might need it.


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