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These Four Amazing Tips Will Help You Slay On A Budget

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If you’re an avid Instagram user, you probably spend a lot of time scrolling through your feed, looking at the pictures of your favourite celebrities and influencers slaying each look. You take screenshots, tag your friends, save the images and take your time to assess their outfits. We know that feeling.


Now, you want to slay, but your budget keeps breaking your heart. Don’t beat yourself up. Here are four amazing tips that will help you look dashing without breaking the bank.


1. Learn how to bargain

Check Out Four Amazing Tips To Help You Slay On A Budget


Have you ever been so upset finding out that someone bought an exact item you have for a lower price? That person most likely did some high bargaining. If you’re a slay king or queen that loves to look good on a budget, you’ll need to sharpen your bargaining skills. Contrary to popular belief, bargaining doesn’t mean you’re cheap; it only shows your negotiation skill.


2. Look out for sales and discounts


It’s Black Friday season, especially if you are an avid online shopper. It’s a time or discount buys. You can sign up to receive emails and notifications from your favourite stores, to know when they are running promos or sales.


3. Create a budget and stick to it


You probably hate the word “budget” because you can’t seem to get away from it. However, it’s essential to get acquainted with it, as it will help you achieve financial freedom. Calculate how much you spend and earn every month and document it. Then create a budget based on this information. This way, you can buy all the things you want without going overboard.


4. Use DIY tips

Another way to slay on a budget is to practise doing things yourself. So if, for instance, you want to dye your hair without having to pay a hairdresser, you can look up some DIY videos on YouTube, buy the essential products you need, and make it happen. Similarly, if you ‘can’t afford new clothes yet, watch YouTube videos and read articles on how to switch up your old outfits and rock them like new. By doing this, you’ll be saving up a lot of money while looking good too!


You don’t need to break the bank or borrow from friends to look good. Take advantage of these amazing tips and thank us later.

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