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These Five Light Fabrics Belong In Your Closet This Season

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The sun can be very unfriendly on some days. Even if you don’t admit it, you do crave for breathable light fabrics that can save the day. Sure, you can keep drinking those iced beverages and hide in an air-conditioned room or car. But, you can’t stay cooped up in that cool haven forever. You need to step out at some point!


The scorching temperature isn’t so friendly when you’re wearing leather and other heavy fabrics. It might look very chic when you select your outfit, but the sweat would soon drip down your pits. Not so chic anymore, right?


Why go through the stress of the sweltering hot and humid weather ruining your look? Go through our list of breathable light fabrics, and add them to your closet. Then slay in the hot weather and thank us later.


Five breathable, light fabrics that belong in your closet

1. Cotton

Surely you’ve figured this out. Everyone seems to know the qualities and comfort of cotton. If you don’t, we’ve got you covered. Cotton is a lightweight fabric that allows air to circulate easily. Also, it absorbs all your sweat, leaving you with a dry after-feel. You need this impeccable ventilator in your closet.


2. Merino wool

This is a candy-floss-thin light fabric that’s perfect for sweat absorption. Grab a merino wool outfit that’s super breathable to help combat the heat.


3. Chambray

This one is not so common even if it’s closely linked to cotton. It has all the advantages of cotton; the only difference is in the way it is woven. Its threads are woven together differently. Also, it has the appearance of denim and can be worn as an alternative to denim. It’s the perfect assemble for hot weather.


4. Rayon

This is a four-in-one package of silk, wool, cotton and linen created from cellulose in trees. It’s slightly thinner thread than cotton which makes it more lightweight and flowy. However, it doesn’t absorb sweat as well as cotton. The fabric imitates the texture of any of the 4-in-1 fabric package.


5. Linen

Do you want a moving air-conditioner? Then get yourself more linen outfits. Linen has a light and flowy weave that’s super breathable and comfortable. It is a natural fibre made from the stalk of a flax plant. It helps to combat hot and sweaty days. So, add one to your closet.


Which of these will you get? Dress in light fabrics this weather to keep you chic self-intact.

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