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These 5 Accessories Are Must Haves For Natural Hair Ladies

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For black girls, natural hair can be stressful to manage. From combing, to conditioning to styling to maintaining.


But it’s rewarding to see your own hair grow luxuriously and you can pack/style whichever way you want.


If you’re growing your kinky hair, they’re some accessories that are designed to make your life easier. So if you don’t have these yet, we’ve got you.

Wide-Tooth Comb

Your kinky hair needs a good wide-tooth comb for untangling those tight curls.Their widely spaced teeth can gently de-tangle the hair without pulling on it and breaking your tresses. And they’re thankfully inexpensive and you can find them just anywhere to buy.

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Good to note: Avoid metal pieces when you can as well as anything (besides combs) with hard plastic teeth

Hair Clips

These are very useful when partitioning your hair into sections. plastic clips keep damp or dry hair that you’re not currently styling out of the way until you’re ready for it. Make sure to avoid the ones with sharp, clingy teeth.

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Photo: Alibaba
Silk/Satin cover

For nighttime use, a hair cap/bonnet or even a pillowcase in silk or satin helps to retain moisture in your hair. As they’re mostly cheap, it’s advisable to invest in more than one so you always have a spare should you wash one.

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Photo: AliExpress

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No teeth Hairbands

Tight Hairbands overtime can cause hair breakage and loss of edges. Invest in soft hairbands that don’t come with strong elastics or biting edges.

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Photo: Taiwan Trade
Snag free rubber bands

Regular rubber bands are no good for natural kinky hair. They get twisted with the hair ends sometimes cause breakage. The best snag-free bands slip off your hair instead of having to be unwound and are best for your tresses.

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