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These 5 Homemade Cocktail Will Make Your International Day Of Happiness Complete

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It’s International Happiness day and what better way to celebrate than a few homemade cocktails? With Coronavirus outbreak, everyone is advised to stay home and social distance. 


Thus, going to chill at the bar or lounge may not be a very smart idea right now. But, cry not. With these home made cocktail ideas, you can bring the bar to you. Coronavirus is not allowed to ruin International day(and weekend) of Happiness.

So lets get a-making!


Mojitos ( pronounced mo-hi-tos) are probably one of the easiest cocktails to make in world. You won’t have spend much getting the ingredients for this cocktail as these are easily in your fridge. And, it is absolutely delicious.

International happiness day cocktails
Mojitos. Photo: The Lakes Distillery


What You’ll Need

— 1/2 lime wedges

— 1/2 ounce of sugar

— 8 shredded mint leaves

— Rum

— 1 club soda

How To Make It

— Crush the mint leaves with a muddler alongside sugar.

— Add crushed leaves to a highball glass.

— Pour club soda and rum and your mojitos are ready.

You could add a few mint leaves and lime wedges to spice things up.

Cuba Libre

While this cocktail looks like your typical rum and coke, it is not. It has been around since the longest and remains one of the best cocktails you can enjoy. Again, its ingredients are cheap and accessible.


International day of happiness
Cuba Libre. Photo: Delish
What You’ll Need

— Fresh lime juice

— Coca-Cola

— Rum

How To Make It

1 Fill a highball glass with ice-cubes

2 cut and squeeze a healthy dose of lime into the glass

3 Pour your rum and Coca-Cola into the glass


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We’re not sure how this cocktail got its name but you’ll have to agree it sounds very fun. Tastes fun too. The cocktail can be paired with a great book, whilst Netflix-and-chilling, while surfing your favourite social media; everything works.


international day of happiness cocktails
S*x-On-The-Beach. Photo: The Spruce Eats
What You’ll Need

— Vodka

— Peach liqueur

— Orange Juice

How To Make It

1 Fill a high-ball glass with ice

2 Add aforementioned ingredients in the order listed

3 Spice with a slice of orange or cherry (if you can find)

Gin And Tonic

This is yet another great cocktail that don’t require much to make. With just gin and tonic you can whip up a pretty mean gin and tonic cocktail.


Gin and Tonic. Photo: Mercado Little Spain
What You’ll Need

— six ounces of tonic

— 2 ounces of gin

— 1 ounce of lime

How To Make It

1 Mix together

2 Pour in a highball glass

3 Add a lime wedge for garnishing and serve up

Whiskey Highball

This one is for whiskey lovers. No much process is needed to make a whisky highball; a healthy pour of your favourite whiskey, add ginger ale and your cocktail is good and ready. Serve in a highball glass filled to brim and you’re set to enjoy your drink.


Whiskey Highball. Photo: Esquire


Happy International day of happiness folks and stay happy!


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