You are currently viewing “Therapy”, Cameroon’s First Film On Netflix Has A Message For Couples

“Therapy”, Cameroon’s First Film On Netflix Has A Message For Couples

“Therapy” made its debut on Netflix on Friday 26th March and it’s the first Cameroonian film to hit the global streaming platform. “Therapy” features Nigeria’s Richard Mofe-Damijo, Ireti Doyle alongside Ermelinde Simo Sakah, Alenne Menget, Lucie Memba, Neba Godwill among others.

"Therapy" Cameroon's First Film On Netflix Has A Message For Couples

Scripted by Forkwa Babila, the film follows the story of a Mr and Mrs Lima whose marriage is on the verge of divorce. Mr Lima (Richard Mofe-Damijo) takes his wife Ermelinde Simo Sakah to see a therapist (Ireti Doyle). The film opens with Mrs Lima going through chronic depression that could be a result of post-partum depression.


But as the story progresses, it shows that the couple is keeping a very deep secret from each other and it will take a good therapist to help mend their broken marriage.

"Therapy" Cameroon's First Film On Netflix Has A Message For Couples

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New Cameroon Movie, 'Therapy' soon to hit the stands – Mimi Mefo Info

“Therapy” also came with its shortcomings. First, the story dragged and at some point it became tiring. The sequence of events showing Mrs Lima’s stages of depression were over-flogged. Watching this film will require a lot of patience from the viewer, as you will keep guessing what the main character’s next action will be. One minute you think she is getting better and doing her best to stay sane, the next minute she is in tears and tearing down the building, all the while blaming her husband for her depressive state. If the directors — Musing Derick and Artnurin— were gunning for a psychological thriller then they are right on track.


Characterisation was on point in this film. Ireti Doyle played the role of a professional therapist who was able to dig deep into the crux of the problems between the couple. Ermelinde Simo Sakah also nailed her role as Mrs Lima. The duration was also very good


This film brings to light the benefits of therapy in marriage especially in Africa where it’s not very popular. The film is rated 13, and perfect for family movie hangouts. Young couples and those who have been married for years will find this film very insightful. “Therapy” is presently streaming on Netflix.


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