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Theranos Elizabeth Holmes Attempted To Flee After Fraud Conviction

Elizabeth Holmes, the disgraced founder of Theranos, attempted to flee the US to Mexico after she was convicted of fraud.


The news came to light after a new filing by prosecutors. They claimed that she did not plan to come back as she had bought a one-way ticket. However, the government flagged the flight and canceled the trip.


The filing further revealed that her partner, Billy Evans, also purchased a one-way ticket for the same destination. Although, it is not yet clear how the prosecutors plan to use this detail as she never traveled and there is no way to know if she didn’t plan to return.


Elizabeth Holmes husband, William 'Billy' Evans
Elizabeth Holmes and her husband, Billy Evans. Image Source: StyleCaster.


Likely, it could be an important part they plan to introduce at Holmes’ appeal to stay free a while longer than the planned April 27. They could argue that allowing her to remain free could give her the opportunity to plot an escape to avoid going to jail.


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“The time has come for Elizabeth Holmes to answer for her crimes committed nearly a decade ago. There are not two systems of justice – one for the wealthy and one for the poor,” the prosecutors said.


Meanwhile, her lawyers are arguing that she needs to stay free for longer as they believe that could uncover new evidence to warrant a new trial. Recall that they had already tried that with the revelation that the state’s star witness may have had his testimony manipulated but the judge didn’t think that held much water.


Elizabeth Holmes in court
Elizabeth Holmes appearing in court in 2020. Image Source: CNBC.


Holmes is expected to start serving her 11-year jail term on April 27, 2023, but the judge will hear her prison sentence pending appeal on March 17. Her appeal process could take up to a year but she could already be in jail during that time. Currently, the former billionaire lives on an estate in California where she allegedly shells out $13,000 every month.


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