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The Xbox Series X Photo: Microsoft

The Xbox Series X Is “Not As Big As A Fridge” Microsoft Assures Fans

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Microsoft is assuring its Xbox fans that its latest console, the Xbox Series X is not the same size with a fridge as some presume. The console itself bears some semblance to the outline of a fridge. Some fans even say the disc drive looks like a door handle.


Microsoft, however, dispelled the rumours in a tweet comparing the console to an actual fridge. The average fridge is about 65 to 73 inches in height, while the Xbox Series X is just 11.85 inches in comparison. Evidently, this means the console cannot be mistaken as a cooling unit.



This video review below by YouTuber Austin Evans will dispel any comparison to a fridge.


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However, the Xbox Series X has also been the b**t of other jokes with one other Twitter user comparing it to a trash can.



Others have made comparisons between the console and skyscrapers, trash cans and even PC cabinets. Even SpongeBob SquarePants and bazooka among others have also been compared to the Xbox Series X.


Although the Xbox Series X is bigger in size compared to other consoles; the difference isn’t as much as people make it out to be.


The Xbox Series X stands at 2.4 inches vertically, while the PS4 Pro stands at 2.17 inches. There’s no information, for now, on the measurements of Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 for a fairer comparison.


The Xbox One X too is about the same height with the coming Series X, however, the Serie X is thicker.


Microsoft also revealed some of the specifications that will accompany the Series X. The console is to run 4K graphics at 60 to 120 frames per second. It will also have one terabyte of storage with an upgrade for faster load time.


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