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Sony Celebrates: The Walkman Has Been Around For 40 Years

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Do you remember the good days of using a Walkman? Those days, cassette players were the only way we could listen to our favourite songs. The internet was still a myth, and we could show our favourite musicians we loved them by actually buying their music. Those days are gone but never forgotten. If you never used a Walkman, you are too young for social media to be honest.



It is almost unbelievable that it has been 40 years since the portable player made listening to music more personal. The Sony Walkman TPS-L2 was released almost exactly four decades ago. It changed the way we listened to music and was the reason a lot of us thought our uncles were the coolest. Sony set the pace for what the world was later going to want to be a part of.


Walkman in the park

Not long after Sony released the innovative product, it inspired a whole lot of other brands to use the name. Sony decided the significant date in style. They held an exhibition in Tokyo called the “Walkman in the Park.” They used a popular venue called the Ginza Sony Park. It is a public space by Sony’s old building that just got demolished. It gave way for a new Sony building which is expected to be constructed next year.



The focus of the Walkman in The Park experience was to showcase what using the Walkman felt like. It gave people the nostalgic experience of listening to music on cassettes once more. They were also given plastic headphones and got the opportunity to read quotes from the people that used the Walkman at the time. It pretty much takes people on a trip back to the ‘80s. It sounds like the vibe.


Speaking of Flashback Friday. It was not long afterwards that we moved on to disc-mans and then Mp3 players.


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