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The US Tops China In Number Of Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Worldwide

According to verified reports from the World Health Organization (WHO) and many other news outlets, the US has now topped China in number of confirmed coronavirus cases.


As of when this article was written, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States has risen to 86,043. This means that it is now the country with the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases.


Thus, it has overtaken China where the virus initially started from.


Also, the number of deaths resulting from the virus in the US is 1,304. Only, 753 people have fully recovered from the pandemic in America. This is not very encouraging.


Italy is a close third as it has confirmed 80,589 cases. It has become the epicenter of the virus in Europe and has the highest number of deaths. 8,215 people have been confirmed dead due to COVID-19 in Italy.

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There are many unconfirmed rumours that the Chinese government may be hiding the real number of COVID-19 related deaths. International Business Times, claims that the real figure may be about 2 million.


The US, facing the biggest hit from the virus heavy hand, is also set to make some big money moves. NBC reports that the Senate voted for a $2 trillion stimulus package injection into the economy.


US coronavirus
Coronavirus lockdown have left New York streets deserted. Photo: Mirror.


This fund is to help the various companies in different industries that are suffering due to the lockdown. Parts of it will also be used to sustain the over 3 million Americans who recently filed for unemployment benefits. The United States Congress will vote on this, today 27th March 2020.


COVID-19 shows no sign of abating soon as it continues its spread world over. In Africa, South Africa has recorded the highest number of cases with 927 cases. However, Algeria and Egypt have recorded the highest number of deaths from coronavirus with 25 and 24 respectively.


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