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The US Department Of Energy Is Building Its Own Quantum Internet

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The US department of energy (DOE) has revealed that it is working on a quantum internet. The department says that its quantum networking will usher in a new era in communications.


The DOE unveiled its strategy for building a “national quantum internet” at a press conference at the University of Chicago. It posits that achieving this will push the US to the front of the global quantum race.


The DOE’s Argonne National Laboratory in Lemont, Illinois will also collaborate with scientists from the University of Chicago. This collaboration will help the department advance its research on quantum networking.


Quantum networking is a data-communications application of quantum computing. The DOE also plans to facilitate the collaboration on the technology from its 17 national labs.


“Argonne, Fermilab, and the University of Chicago have a long history of working together to accelerate technology that drives U.S. prosperity and security. We continue that tradition by tackling the challenges of establishing a national quantum internet, expanding our collaboration to tap into the vast power of American scientists and engineers around the country,” Argonne Director Paul Kearns said.

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According to the DOE, a quantum internet would “rely on the laws of quantum mechanics to control and transmit information more securely than ever before”.


The department reckons that this technology could be useful in science, industry, national security, thus introducing newer technology.


“The Department of Energy is proud to play an instrumental role in the development of the national quantum internet. By constructing this new and emerging technology, the United States continues with its commitment to maintain and expand our quantum capabilities,” US Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette said.


The plan is part of the National Quantum Initiative Act, signed into law in December 2018 by President Trump. The DOE also believes that a prototype quantum communications system could be built in the next decade.


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