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The UK Army To Incorporate 30,000 Robots Very Soon

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The British armed force could, before long, incorporate a colossal number of robots into its army; to assist it with taking on its battles. Obviously, it’s probably not going to be a mounted force of self-sufficient weapon hauling androids that look like they are out of a science fiction film set. However, a variety of robots; enormous and little could be consolidated into the military. They will generally assist with different procedures on the front line.


The arrangement is to have a multitude of around 120,000, of which 30,000 may be robots. While mechanical advances could positively assist with giving a military the bit of leeway during a fight with opposing forces, the push toward robot-based fighting additionally comes because of enlistment deficiencies. The British armed force at present contains 73,870 personnel; 9,000 shy of its objective number.


As in the US, armed forces in the UK are already developing robots to assist human soldiers. It will include small drones and other remotely controlled vehicle used for reconnaissance missions, among other tasks.

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Taking the role of its army robots in a new direction, the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) is also developing a gun-equipped hexacopter; capable of flying inside buildings and tracking down targets using machine vision. The so-called ‘i9’ flying weapon currently exists as a prototype; and could be useful in situations where it’s considered too dangerous to send in human soldiers.


The drone could potentially incorporate completely autonomous weaponry. Additionally, the MoD said that only a soldier operating the i9 remotely would fire its gun.


A growing number of armies around the world are already utilising drones. From larger fixed-wing aircraft that a remote operator can use to launch weapons at nearby targets, to tiny camera-equipped surveillance robots capable of flying over battlefields almost unheard.


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