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The Top 10 Wealthiest African Women

African women are taking the world by storm. In time past, women didn’t have a voice. They had to remain complacent to their male counterparts. Then education took a stand and bridged the gap between men and women. Therefore, women could branch out into enterprises and the men dominated the world.


By taking advantage of the rich African continent, these women have built massive empires. Africa is rich in natural resources and innovations and they have given back to Africa as much as they have taken. Through donations to charity and building the African economy, they help give back.




Women are making a difference through sheer hard work, smart work and determination. All the business-owners, singers, actresses, and social media gurus are making a mark in the history of Africa. In the midst of all the accomplished women, here are ten women who have proven their worth. They keep amassing wealth through their many business ventures.


Watch the video below to find out who the top ten wealthiest women in Africa are.


The top 10 wealthiest African women

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