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The Timing Is Just Right: Here’s How To Shoot Your Shot In Lockdown

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Lockdown means you’ll be spending a lot of time with either your partner (for those who luckily have one), or one your device; flipping through the internet finding ways to entertain yourself.


For the “single pringles”, this is the perfect time to shot your shot at your crush. Why? because everyone is paying more attention now as they’ve good time on their hands. Also, they’re not distracted with the daily hassles of life.


So you wanted audience with that crush of yours? Lockdown has set the right tone, mood and environment. All you have to do is shoot your shot.


But wait up. You do not want to rush into this and ruin everything. Coming off as tacky or desperate could ruin any chances with the potential Love of Your Life (LOYL).


Regardless of the location; Twitter or Instagram Direct Messaging (DMs), good old Facebook messenger or other social mediums, shooting your shot requires some planning and follows some basic rules.


how to shoot your shot
What are the the steps to shooting your shot successfully? Photo: Youtube
Make sure your crush is single

This is very pertinent to your mission. Do a background check to know if your crush is single or not. This will determine your next move; to proceed or to back off.

Find out your crush’s interest

If indeed your crush is single, you need to arm yourself with information about them to proceed. What do like and what are their interest? What religious beliefs do they hold ( If any). Also, should they have any, what political school of thought do they subscribe to?


This background check is also necessary so you find similarities in your interest. This would give you both a common ground on where to begin your conversations from.

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Open with a compliment

Open your first message with a compliment. Not the generic one like “hey handsome/beautiful”. Find a feature of theirs or something about them that appeals to you and roundly compliment it with.


Do not be vulgar in any way ( this will cause your mission to die a natural death). Make it striking and different; one they’ve no choice but respond to.

how to shoot your shot
What are the the steps to shooting your shot successfully? Photo: Ms Rachels Room
Infuse Humour

No one can turns down good humour. Lighten the conversation with a sprinkle of good humoured conversations here and there. Instead of telling jokes that would probably flat kill the conversation, you can look up good jokes online to serve as great icebreakers.

Draw them in with their interest

Get your crush to talk about his/her interest. This you already know from your earlier background check off course. By drawing them into talking about what they like, you get them to be more comfortable with you.


Not only that, experts have said when a person talks about their interest with you, they get pumped and naturally associate these feel good vibes with you. From here you can build a friendship that sets the tone for you to ask them out.


Good to note: That you shot your shot don’t mean your crush will respond as you wish. Sometimes it goes as planned and sometimes, it doesn’t so there’s no need taking a rejection personally.


We wish your luck in your quest to finding love and may the odds forever be in your favour!



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