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The Smart Mirror Technology That Will Change The Way People Shop

Smart Mirror technology is coming to retailers and it will certainly change the shopping experience of many people. Do you know what the smart mirror is? Read on and find out.


A smart mirror app uses the screen of a smartphone or other mobile devices and turns it into a mirror. It is designed to allow users see what they would look like wearing a product. It covers such things as clothes, jewelry, lipstick, eyeglasses and so on.


Standing in front of the mirror, it can collect the measurement of the customers. Measuring things like arm length and other body measurements. This allows it to fit them properly into the virtual representation of the item they want to purchase.


After the mirror completes these measurements, users can then select the items they want to test out. They can pick clothes for example from the provided options and even change the colours. It also allows them to stand in various angles and see how they will look like.

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At the Customer Electronics Show {CES) 2020 in Las Vegas, LG showcased a prototype of its ThinQ Smart Mirror. This one was made for usage at home. According to CNet writer, David Priest, “the cameras — minor errors aside — don’t lie, and the virtual me projected on the screen doesn’t have the body I want it to have.”


Here is a video of testing the smart mirror:



Allied Market Research says on the companies driving invention of these mirrors:


“The key players operating in the smart mirror market are Japan Display Inc., Gentex Corporation, Magna International Inc., Samsung Electronics, Murakami Kaimeido, Seura, Perseus Mirrors, Ficosa, Dension, and Electric Mirror.”


It is important in cosmetics to test such things as many lipstick shades without having to use up valuable time, applying, cleaning and applying another.


Also, businesses can allow customers to test products without the risk of theft. When smart mirrors finally make it into the mainstream, it will surely be a major trend in the fashion industry.


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