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The Skinny Jeans Staple Girls will Always Rock

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Even with the bad press and new trends bursting through the seams of the fashion industry, skinny jeans still reign supreme.

They have been a major wardrobe staple ever since the mid-2000s and it’s no surprise why popular fashion blogs like whowhatwear still find them quite interesting to blog about.

At some point, this trend was fizzling out given the several problems it posed.

From wearing to actually finding one that compliments your body type, it isn’t an easy feat. In spite of this love-hate relationship, skinny jeans are still trending as it is certainty a wardrobe staple amongst many.

Below are skinny jeans options every girl should have:


The skinny jeans fabric is usually stretchy to accommodate the body shape, and sometimes it’s firmer.

Some would rather avoid wearing a regular skinny jeans because its popularity makes it quite common, but models like Kitae prove that they know how to style their skinny jeans.


The difficulty posed from wearing it can sometimes be discouraging but nonetheless, fashion fanatics still rock their skinny jeans, in spite of the odds.


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