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The Shaw Academy Scam That Never Lets You Cancel Your Subscription

Shaw Academy is supposed to be an online educational organisation that helps people pick up new skills. Instead, Shaw Academy is really a money thieving plot, that keeps your card details and makes sure you can never cancel your subscription.


When you subscribe to a free trial on honest online platforms, they would usually give you the medium to cancel the subscription as you wish but not Shaw Academy. In fact, the best way to keep your money safe from the online organisation is not to input your card details.


The organisation makes sure that every attempt to cancel a subscription leads to a dead end. If you’re lucky to find the unsubscribe button, you still won’t get a confirmation mail. If you call their contact line, another dead end.

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The worst part, it is impossible to get a refund on the amount charged, meaning you’ve been defrauded. Their customer service would instead offer you free courses but never help you cancel your subscription even when you insist.


The only way to cancel your Shaw Academy subscription is by canceling the card. Go to your bank and get a new card. That’s the only way. You can read other people’s complaints here, here and here. Also, search for Shaw Academy scams on Google.


As on customer put it; “All in all, I would have liked to explore what Shaw Academy has to offer, as I’m sure that the contents of their courses is informative and valuable. However, due to the complete lack of customer awareness, refusal to provide a more reasonable (in my opinion) solution, and the extremely disappointing customer service responses (in my opinion), I would strongly recommend for anyone considering Shaw Academy to search for another online course to fulfil your wants and needs”.


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