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The Seven Best Curriculum Vitae Fonts

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The fonts that we use in our resumes are just as important as the content of the resume itself. Every job seeker faces the dilemma of using the perfect font. As simple as it sounds, a wrong font can put off a potential employer and, in turn, mar your chances of getting that job.


Here is a compilation of the best font for resumes, projects, proposals and formal applications. Note that these are not the only great fonts; there are other really good ones. However, these ones come highly recommended.


1. Calibri

Although voted the worst font for emails, Calibri is one of the safest and universally readable sans-serif fonts in the world. The graphic artist will probably not agree with this, but there is a reason it has replaced Times New Roman as the default Microsoft Word font. Experts also advocated for it because they believe it renders smoothly on computer screens.

Calibri font


2. Garamond

This is an old font style that dates to the 16th century. Named after French designer Claude Garamond, it is a great choice for academic resumes and resumes for people with years of work experience.

Garamond text

3. Cambria

This is also a default Microsoft Word font. Created in 2004, it works well for reading and looks good in small sizes. It is a traditional but great choice for resumes and cover letters.

Cambria font

4. Georgia

This is a traditional alternative to the popular Times New Roman. It also comes in handy for its readability. It is available on every computer too.


5. Didot

This is great for people in the creative industry. It is useful when you want to showcase style and sophistication. Experts believe that it gives your CV a distinct and classy look.

6. Arial

This is regarded as one of the safest sans-serif fonts. Experts say the font has clean and easy-to-read lines. However, it is one of the more common fonts, and some employers might find it a little too regular or boring. So try using variations like Arial Narrow to make it less regular.

Arial font

7. Helvetica


This one is a favourite among designers and typographers. It appears in several corporate brand logos too. Typography experts have described it as professional and light-hearted. It comes preloaded on Mac but can be downloaded on other devices.

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