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The Science Of Preferring To Poop At Home

Have you ever found it difficult to poop anywhere else expect in your home? This is different from not being able to use a dirty toilet or a public one. Sometimes, even in a new partner’s home or at a friend’s, you may find it difficult to let go. There is a reasonable scientific explanation for this.


Gut Picture
The Gut Is Responsible For Excretion.


German writer and scientist, Guilia Enders delivered a TED Talk on the science of the gut. It explored the less talked about mystery of the tail-end of the human digestive system. She had written a book titled: “Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ”. It did well in the market selling two million copies in Germany. Later it was published in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic and other translations in 2015.


It turns out that it all has to do with the brain.  The human an*s comes with an inner and outer sphincter. This inner section is in charge of ordering what is leftover from food. This is why it is easier to fart than poop.


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Guilia mentioned that she found that many are uncomfortable with talking about things like this. But it turns out that it is important. When the body releases gaseous waste, it is because it is cleaning the small intestine. However, why is it easier to poop at home? Why do you poop more frequently at the office after working there for a long time? To watch the full video, click here.


When the excess food is stored close to the sphincter, the muscles hold it in. The sensory nerves there test the waste, then send the results to the brain. Then, the brain decides if it is gaseous or solid. Next, it accesses the environment and decides which waste the body can expel at the time.


This is quite a straightforward process. Now, you know why you can wait all day but find it harder as soon as you get home.


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