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The Science Behind Drinking Water While Standing

Drinking water is one habit you have probably heard more than a hundred times in your lifetime. Maybe you heard it from your mom, doctor or you may have read an article on why you should drink water. The resounding counsel has certainly made an impression already.


According to an Ayurvedic text, Ashtanga Hridaya, drinking warm water stimulates hunger, helps digestion, cleanses the bladder, removes unwanted gas and smells, and clears colds and coughs. So, water is a fantastic natural health remedy. The best way to get these results is to drink your water right.


While you may have developed a healthy habit of drinking water, you also need to be aware of the right manner to drink water. After a long day out, the need to replenish yourself drives you to take the water closest to you and gulp it down instantly.


There’s one thing to consider when doing this – your position. Habitually, you drink water while standing and even at a high speed. The pressure you take in the water disallows your body from taking in any benefit.


We understand that it’s the thirst and, after all, you were advised to drink enough water daily. Still, you should be careful about how you drink it. When you do so while standing, the pressure causes it to pass through without any benefit to your organs. For instance, it passes down without filtration to your stomach. The impurities then settle in your bladder which then results in kidney damage.




Sandhya Gugnani, celebrity nutritionist says:

“Your posture plays an important role in water intake. The nerves are in a state of tension when we drink water rapidly in a standing position which disrupts the balance of fluids leading to an increase in toxins and indigestion in the body.”


She also adds that it accumulates fluids in the joint. “It also accumulates fluids in the joints triggering arthritis. It also affects the filtration process of water by the kidneys. Impurities in kidney and bladder lead to urinary tract infections.”


Concluding she said, “One should sit and drink water slowly to reduce acids levels in the body which is apparently high due to the consumption of processed or chemicals or pesticides present in the foods.”


What to do

Just like how eating slowly aids digestion, it also applies in water too. You should drink water without too much force. It is also advisable to do so while sitting as well.

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