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The Practicality Of Digital Twin Technology

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Digital twin technology is one that involves the digital replica of something in the physical world. Using the Internet of Things (IoT) sensors that gather data from the physical world, digital twins are made. The data gotten is then sent to machines to reconstruct.


Digital twins technology helps to simulate or build what-if situations for products, facilities and processes. This will give you the liberty to make changes to the product before real-life implementations.



The concept of digital twins has been around since 2002. It was first used by Michael Grieves at the University of Michigan, United States. IoT technology has since made it more affordable and accessible to many more businesses.


Creating a digital twin gives businesses insights on how to improve operations. It can also help them increase efficiency or discover a potential issue before replicating it into the real world. The observations from the digital twin then helps to improve the original system with less risk. This makes it very useful for businesses because it also gives them high returns on investment.


Digital Twin Technology on aircraft



Several companies use digital twin technology to improve ongoing operations, train employees and test new products or procedures. They get to do this before launching the products into the real world where it will cost them more to address any problems.


Artificial Intelligence and machine learning help to analyse the model of operations of the digital twin. NASA used this technology from the earliest days of space exploration. They used it to solve problems of maintaining, repairing and operating systems even from out of space. It is how engineers and astronauts determine how to rescue the Apollo 13 mission from Earth. NASA still uses digital twins technology to explore next-generation aircraft and vehicles.


Digital Twin Plant


The technology also helps with the implementation of IoT and automation. It gives the opportunity to simulate applications before going live. They can then apply the lessons learned in the physical environment.


Digital twins have the capacity to revolutionise healthcare operations and patient care. A digital twin of an organ will allow health professionals and surgeons to practice surgical procedures in a simulated environment. This way, the success rate can be higher when dealing with the actual patient. Sensors can also monitor patients and produce digital models. Artificial Intelligence can monitor these models and, in turn, improve health care.

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