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The New Gender-Swapping Snapchat Filter Is Causing Chaos On Tinder

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Ever wondered how you’d look if you were the opposite s*x? There’s a Snapchat filter — one that has been making waves around the Internet — that could show you.


Snapchat’s latest Augmented Reality lens filters now allow users to change their facial features to make them appear male or female. The male-appearing filter gives the user an exaggerated head with beard shadows and thicker eyebrows. The female-appearing filter adds smoother skin, long hair, a leaner face, thicker lashes and a defined jawline.


Gender-swap filter


The drastic way it turns men into more beautiful, stunning women makes the gender-changing filter particularly popular. The male-appearing filter is not as realistic and, therefore, is not as much of a hit as the female-appearing one. Men have gone on social media to show off what they may look like as women with the filter. It looks so good; it may be hard to tell that they aren’t actually women.


Snapchat Filter


Gender-swapping Snapchat filter gone wrong

As expected, the new trend fell into the wrong hands. Some people are now using the filter to catfish men on a popular dating site, Tinder. Some men have now created fake online profiles on Tinder with the Snapchat filter. These people have succeeded in deceiving unsuspecting victims into believing that they are women.


GOT characters gender-snap filter


However, it hasn’t been all bad. If anything, the fake Tinder profiles brought to light the various forms of abuse that women are often subjected to on such dating apps. Some men who opened the profile for fun have shared how their fake female profiles have elicited abusive and vulgar messages from men on the dating app.





The upside

The new filter, so far, is a major hit for already waning social networking app, Snapchat. It has become wildly popular. Also, people who had previously deleted it are now re-downloading the app to make use of the filter. Other who deleted their accounts are creating new accounts to join in on the fun.


Since Snapchat rolled out the new lens filter five days ago, it has gotten seven million downloads from iPhone and Android phones. This is the biggest hit the app has gotten in a five-day period. This is great for the app as reports suggest that Snapchat had only been downloaded three million times before now. This means there had been a 133% increase since the new filter.

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