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The iPhone 13 Pro Is The First Official iPhone With One Terabyte Storage

Apple recently announced a one terabyte option of the iPhone 13 Pro during its California Streaming event. The company increased its base model storage from 64 gigabytes to 128 gigabytes while maintaining the same prices for its previous iPhone 12 Pro.

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Samsung, its main rival released a one terabyte model of its Galaxy S10 Plus for $1,600 in 2018. Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro base model retails for $999. While the one terabyte model costs $1,499 for its iPhone 13 Pro and $1,599 for the larger Pro Max version.

Towards the September iPhone 13 launch, lots of rumors about Apple’s next lineup showed the company may be adding a new one terabyte storage.

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A report from Wedbush’s analyst said the iPhone 13 launch event will hold on the third week of September precisely on Tuesday 14th. First reported by Cult of Mac, Apple will be producing between 90 and 100 million iPhone 13 units.

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Wedbush’s analyst Dan Ives believes iPhone 13 production might face some challenges from the global chip storage. Apple will need to significantly upgrade its next lineup of phones to move demand.

“We believe the robust consumer product cycle continues globally for [Tim] Cook & Co. especially with today roughly 250 million of the current 975 million,”

“iPhones not upgrading their smartphones in over 3.5 years based on our analysis, speaking to massive pent up demand within Apple’s installed base.”

Ives also reinstated that this year’s iPhone 13 models will have LiDAR for all of them. Also, there will be maxed one terabyte storage option. That is double the highest 512GB top storage of the iPhone 12.

An iPhone 13 with one terabyte of storage is ideal for photographers. Even, content creators and video enthusiasts can harness the large LiDAR sensors on the newest smartphones.

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