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The Invisible SelfieType Keyboard From Samsung Exhibited At CES 2020

Samsung got its chance to stun tech enthusiasts at the CES 2020 and it did so with the invisible SelfieType keyboard.


The world of tech has been revolving around the ongoing customer electronics show (CES) in Las Vegas in early January 2020. Innovators from both growing and giant tech companies are exhibiting ‘never seen before’ tech.


Samsung also stole highlights when it displayed its invisible keyboard. Samsung’s C-Labs SelfieType keyboard brings something new to the world of wireless devices. While keyboards that work via Bluetooth are already in wide use, this one eliminates the need for any external hardware.


As the name suggests, it is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered tech that uses the front camera of devices. It works by tracking the movements of fingers with the front camera and then analyses it and finally translates it into words.


The company mentions that it can work on various devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. But many experts opine that the tech is likely just for the purpose of “innovation”. They also speculate that it may not make it to the market.

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See video of how the invisible SelfieType keyboard works below:



From the video, it is clear that users have to place their hands on a surface. Also, they have to try as best as possible to imitate regular typing but this time without a real keyboard. This is quite not as convenient and beats the purpose of innovation which should make doing things easier.


Android Central mentions that the Samsung invisible SelfieType keyboard is not practical.


Despite this, it is a welcome improvement in the use of AI and will likely drive more innovations in this field in the future. Also at the CES, Samsung released a new PC called the Chromebook. This new laptop comes in a red colour and is touted to be very fast but also expensive as expected.


Samsung has been making major moves in the tech market of late. Prior to exhibiting the invisible SelfieType keyboard, it launched Lite versions of its 2019 Galaxy S10 and Note10 to make it more affordable. Also, recall that the company allegedly already has more than half the 5G network market in its pocket.


It looks like 2020 is the year Samsung rises to the top of the electronics market.


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