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The Ideal Age Gap For A Lasting Marriage Is Smaller Than You Think

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The well-coined verse, “age is nothing but a number,” is quite captivating. Everyone wants that happily ever after even if they end up with someone way older. The age group isn’t considered a priority as long as there’s that heart-pumping love. After all, most celebrities are happy in their relationship in spite of the age gap. So, why not do the same?


Actually, there’s nothing wrong with this. In some cases, it has worked and couples with a huge age gap are still together and happy. However, the divorce rate keeps increasing, and we need answers. In 2018 in Nigeria alone, there was a 14% increase in divorce. While there are other factors that cause differences in marriage, age plays an important role.


What’s the ideal age gap for a lasting marriage?


Is a couple considered ideal if there’s a five or ten-year age gap between them? There are a lot of young women who find older men more appealing. These women believe they are more mature than men in their age group. This reason could stem from childhood backgrounds or, as some say, “Daddy issues”. Irrespective, there is a certain age gap that’s considered ideal. And whether you choose to base your choice of a partner on this is all up to you. You’re probably wondering if age gap matters anyway.


According to a research carried out in 2014 by Emory University, it does. Based on the research which analysed over 3,000 couples, couples with a one-year age difference have a mere three per cent chance of getting divorced. Therefore, they are susceptible to getting divorced as well. However, the higher the age gap, the higher the chances of divorce.


For a five-year age difference, it increases to 18%, which then shoots up to 39% at a 10-year age gap. It gets worse as the rate escalates to a shocking 95% at a 20-year age gap. You can imagine how much it will be if the age gap keeps increasing.


Therefore, one year is the ideal age gap for marriage. You should choose a partner close to your age or at a one-year age gap for better chances at a lasting marriage. It’s true that you’re not insusceptible to divorce since it’s at a 3% chance of happening. However, Hugo Mialon, a researcher behind the study, said to The Independent, “It could just be that the types of couples with those characteristics are the types of couples who are, on average, more likely to divorce for other reasons.”


What you can do to make it work

Age could actually be the least of your concerns if your relationship lacks good communication. There are ways you can make your relationship last longer in spite of the age difference. So, don’t worry if you’re in a relationship with someone who is older than you by many years. Although you two may see the world differently, nonetheless, you can meet halfway with communication and understanding.


What age gap do you believe is ideal for the perfect marriage?

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