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The Google Pixel 5 Has A Battery Share Feature That Turns It Into A Power Bank

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The Google Pixel 5 has a unique Battery Share feature that makes it stand out from all other phones. When a USB-C cable is plugged into the Pixel 5, it automatically turns on its reverse wireless charging feature. This turns the device into a Qi charging pad, according to 9to5Google.


A support document states that the Battery Share feature will only come on for “a short period”. If Google Pixel 5 detects that another Qi-compatible device is placed on top of it, it’ll charge. If not, it’ll automatically turn Battery Share off.

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“When your Pixel phone is plugged in and charging, Battery Share turns on automatically for a short period. If your phone doesn’t sense another device using its power during that time, Battery Share turns off,” the document reads.


With this feature on Pixel 5, you can easily turn your smartphone into a cool power bank. You’ll still be able to use the reverse wireless charging feature to share power when your phone isn’t plugged in.


You can also activate the Battery Share feature of the Google Pixel 5 even when it’s not plugged with a charger. You can turn it on by going to Settings> Battery> Battery Share. Adding the Battery Share toggle to your quick settings dropdown menu will also help you save time in turning it on.



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