The GAO Denies Blue Origin Appeal To NASA’s Lunar Lander Program

The GAO Denies Blue Origin Appeal To NASA’s Lunar Lander Program

The GAO (Government Accountability Office) has denied Blue Origin’s appeal to NASA’s lunar lander program.

Earlier, the Jeff Bezos space company appealed to NASA for picking Elon Musk’s SpaceX as the sole contractor for the program.

US Government Accountability Office, NASA, Blue Origin


This decision by the GAO maintains SpaceX as the solar contractor to NASA’s human landing program. Initially, NASA mentioned that it could award up to two contractors for the lunar lander program. But the agency went with SpaceX because of low funding from congress.


NASA Human Landing Program

The GAO verdict clearly stated that NASA “reserved the right to make multiple awards, a single award, or no award at all.”

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Blue Origin isn’t giving up the fight yet, the space company might go elsewhere. A spokesperson from the company said in a statement.

Blue Origin rebuffed in its appeal of moon lander contract

“We stand firm in our belief that there were fundamental issues with NASA’s decision, but the GAO wasn’t able to address them due to their limited jurisdiction.”

“We’ll continue to advocate for two immediate providers as we believe it is the right solution”

“The Human Landing System program needs to have competition now instead of later – that’s the best solution for NASA and the best solution for our country,”

As Theverge mentioned, “if it decides to, Blue Origin could bring its grievances to the US Court of Federal Claims. “The only other legal arena for bid disputes.”

In all of this, Elon Musk responded to the government verdict with a tweet “GAO” and a flexing bicep emoji.



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