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The Four-Step Plan To Getting Your Dream Job

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The job hunt could get crazy, especially when everyone else is hunting. The chase to bag a job at all cost causes many to end up with mediocre jobs, and not their dream job. Certainly, they can pay the bills and keep busy, but are still not feel fulfilled. Many have suffered from doing what they don’t enjoy and it’s telling on society.


You hear stories of people getting depressed even if they earn a considerably whooping sum. Some family men end up getting isolated from their family and don’t even watch their children grow. Also, the divorce rate keeps increasing, and one undeniable factor is work.


When you don’t do what you love, you tend to become more stressed out. Soon, you realise that other aspects of your life are suffering from your ‘busy’ life. You can’t work out anymore or eat right, which could tell on your health. Also, you tend to dissociate yourself from your family and friends, however unaware you are of it.


Still, we completely understand how getting that dream job might seem unrealistic.




With such limited jobs in the market, all graduates and non-graduates have to do anything to get employed. However, in the midst of all of this, there are those who have discovered the secret to getting the job of your dreams. You don’t have to work for anyone to achieve this, yet you could enjoy working with someone as long as you love your job.


However hard you may choose to ignore it, there are those who seem to have a spring in their step every morning. They can’t wait to get to the office. Meanwhile, you just dread the thought of going back to work. What makes this disparity is the willingness to be patient enough to get the right job. Patience in everything matters the most. You have to be patient through the process of discovery.


Discover the four-step secrets to getting your dream job now!


The four-step plan to getting your dream job


Career-advice columnist and author Amy Odell shares her four-step plan to get you closer to your dream job.


1. Identify your strengths

“What am I good at?” Ask yourself this question. Everyone is good at something, even if it’s simply to talk or listen. There’s a skill everyone is naturally great at that they may not have noticed. Therefore, you should write down all your strengths, then you can talk to a career or life coach to guide you through.


“For me, it was writing papers, so I chose journalism because I always loved researching and writing,” Odell says.


Chances are that you’re not applying what you’re good at where you’re working right now. Change that. But wait! You have to go through all the steps.


2. Identify your non-negotiables



Have you got all your “I’m great at this” outlined on your list? Then you need to identify those non-negotiables in your life. These are things you can’t compromise on. Your dream job should make you feel more fulfilled than successful.


“People who are happy at work don’t blindly chase money or power,” Odell says. “They don’t operate out of insecurity. They take risks, like working for themselves versus a soul-sucking corporation, because they know they’re happier without a manager. It takes a lot of confidence and support from loved ones to approach a career in this way.”


You need to redefine what success means to you as against all the money, positions and how high you can climb in your career. If your non-negotiable is your family or your friends, or maybe your health, then you shouldn’t do a job that affects that.


3. Put things into perspective


While you chase your dream job, remember those things that matter. So you have your list and the things you won’t compromise on. Now, you need to create a balance because work is not all life is about. You should have time to work out, meet with friends, or bake.


“Don’t give up on the people and things you love outside of work while you focus on your career,” Odell says. “Try that new air yoga class with your neighbour. Plan your friend’s baby shower. Go to Miami for the weekend on a whim. There is so much more to life than landing a job.”


4. Change your perspective about job rejection



If you get the job or don’t get a job after you apply, you shouldn’t kill yourself over it. Enjoy life to its fullest, and it can be done in something as easy as simply being mindful of all the things you already have.


“I always tell people if you get rejected, try again,” says Odell.


Rejection from an interview simply means the job wasn’t right for you. You should either try again to prove that it is indeed or apply somewhere else and convince them that you are. If you truly love what you do, then they would be honoured to have someone like you come on board.

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