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The Five-Second Challenge For Only Geniuses

Everyone has access to tapping into their genius, but only a few implement it. Names like Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein are renowned for their exceptional contribution to the field of knowledge. Their feat had nothing to do with how high their IQ was as that’s not a measure for who a genius is. Your IQ is related to how well you learn, and not how well you do in life.



For the purpose of this article, a genius isn’t simply someone with an exceptionally high IQ. Instead, it’s an extraordinarily intelligent person who breaks new ground with discoveries, inventions or works of art. These discoveries have to impact society one way or the other.


Without putting in the effort to learn, you would remain stuck in ignorance. You have to build your brain muscles by feeding it with knowledge. Similarly, like learning how to drive until you become a professional, you have to build up your mental capacity.


Are you a genius? Find out if you really are a genius by answering the questions in this five-second challenge now.


The five-second genius challenge

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