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The Dark Revelation Of Direct Eye Contact

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Growing up, you were taught how rude it is to look at your elders directly in the eyes. Then again, you were told it’s rude not to have direct eye contact when talking to someone. Where do you strike the balance?


Getting older revealed that making eye contact is positive. Generally, it was referred to as ‘fishy’ and unsettling for you to avoid it. Certainly, you should maintain direct eye contact in certain situations, like a social gathering. Also, it is a sign that you are trustworthy and approachable. In addition, many regard it as a positive act of honesty and straightforwardness.


A direct theory

direct eye contact
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However, research has proven otherwise. After rigorous fieldwork on humans, a conclusion was reached that there is more to direct eye contact than we realise. It could be something much darker. Therefore, you need to be careful who you make eye contact with. This is because some people have darker intentions than you realise.


Your eyes are the mirror to the soul and can, therefore, reveal what a person truly feels. Unfortunately, many have mastered the art of deception, even with the eyes. So, not everyone who ‘smiles’ at you with their eyes genuinely means it. You need to be careful who you trust just by an eye contact because they could simply not want your best intentions.


Animals have direct eye contact with their prey before attacking them. Similarly, some individuals will stare you point-blank in the eyes before attacking you (probably not physically). This action is a sign of challenge and threat and could also be a sign of competitiveness and malevolence.


Therefore, those who said staring someone directly in the eyes was rude or a sign of disrespect were right after all. They probably knew the secrets lurking behind the eyes of others.

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